What’s All The Hype About Unlocked Cell Phones in the U.S.?


U.S. finally legalizes the market of unlocked cell phones for cell phone consumers.

What is an “unlocked” cell phone?

Until just now, unlocked cell phones have been virtually unheard of in the United States, and practically unobtainable.  Even if you were brave enough to get an unlocked phone and a SIM card to make it work, it was unlikely you would even find a service provider willing to let you use these phones.  Most carriers in the U.S. have traditionally only offered a limited number of specific phones for which they provide cell phone service to consumers.  Finally however, this has changed in the United States, thanks to legislation aimed at allowing consumers the freedom to utilize unlocked phones and companies such as Wireless Management Group (WMG), prices are about to plunder and the choices available to you in the way of models and brands will be virtually endless.  We are entering the next big wave in the retail cell phone and cell phone service industries, and it’s going to be far from what you likely every conceived up until now. 

What’s the advantage of an unlocked cell phone?

Bottom line: you’ll pay less for service on your phone and won’t have to hassle with signing up for any contracts.

The reason unlocked phones make sense now is pretty simple.  It’s the obvious choice now in the U.S. because the big wireless carriers here in this country have finally been abandoning the subsidized smartphone model they’ve operated with and the daunting two-year contract that goes with it. Finally, companies will have to earn your loyalty, rather than being able to sit back and literally do as they please once you’ve signed on the dotted line and they have the security that it would take a lot for you to actually pay the fees and go through the hassles of switching to another provider.  Instead of spending $200 up front for a new iPhone, you’re now just charged the actual, non subsidized price of $650, with the option to pay in monthly installments becoming commonplace. To make up the difference,  the cost of wireless service is less than it would be on a contract.  This is certainly long overdue… and clearly advantageous to consumers.

Besides lower costs on the phones you love and reduced monthly service plan pricing, you’ll also enjoy freedom from the hassles of contracts.  Up until now, we’ve all become accustomed to being forced into a minimum two-year contract when signing up for service.  No matter which carrier you looked into, they all forced you to commit to these lengthy terms before you even knew how their service was going to work out for you where you lived and traveled.  Thankfully, this is now another thing of the past that will soon only be a distant memory when telling our children about “back in my day…” as they listen in disbelief of our horrible cell phone realities.

But it’s not just the customers who benefit from these drastic changes.  Carriers also like the non-subsidy system because they can use it to push more frequent upgrades, which translates into a healthier bottom line. All of the major carriers allow customers to trade in their old phones partway through the payment cycle, getting a new phone and starting the cycle anew, so everybody wins in this scenario.

Is the service quality the same?

Even better!  Unlocked phones run on GSM networks, which means users can have complete coverage wherever they are in the world, at anytime, as long as they purchase and install a local SIM card. And, there are no roaming charges.  

This preludes yet another major shift about to be seen in the cell phone game: customization options from not only the phones we desire, but as far as to the service itself.  For instance, sooner than later you’ll have the luxury of “renting” as little as a day worth of service from a carrier when it benefits you.  For example, let’s say you know you have to travel to a different city (or even country) and a carrier other than your usual one is known to have far better service there, you can reap this benefit while away on business and return to your preferred carrier as if nothing ever changed when you return home.

Companies like T-Mobile started these changes into motion a couple of years ago and companies like the California-based retailer WMG,have taken things to a new level with striking momentum and are projected to be the prime movers in this upcoming generation of wireless service.  Nearly all of us have come to rely on cell phones and new players in the market are promising big things, and will likely see huge rewards by learning from the mistakes of the former major players of the industry.

Top 5 Benefits of Selling Unlocked Phones for Wireless Management Group

The prepaid wireless market is rapidly growing, and a big part of the reason behind it is the ability to sell unlocked phones. Currently, this makes up only about 10 percent of the wireless market, so there is a lot of room for continued growth. Read on for some of the top benefits of unlocked mobile phones.

Users Aren’t Locked in to a Specific Service Provider

Rather than being forced to stay with a single wireless carrier at often sky-high rates, unlocked phones give the user the opportunity to choose any provider they like. In many cases, this can allow them to pay monthly rates as they go rather than remaining stuck in a lengthy contract. They have the freedom and flexibility to switch carriers at any time.

Worldwide Coverage

Unlocked phones are great for those who like to travel. Instead of paying hefty roaming charges to a regular wireless carrier, users can simply purchase a SIM card in their destination and connect to a local network. This way, they can make calls, send texts, and use data like a local without worrying about their bill skyrocketing.

Greater Customization

When users purchase a phone from a specific wireless provider, it often comes pre-loaded with a number of apps that the user may or may not want. Oftentimes, this proprietary software can prohibit the user from downloading and using the apps that they really want. With unlocked phones, users have greater flexibility in setting up their phones in a way that works best for them.

Better Phone Selection

Many traditional carriers have agreements with specific phone manufacturers, so users need to purchase one of their phones in order to use that network. Following the unlocked route, users have more options available to them when choosing their phones. This allows users to get the phones they really want at much more affordable rates.

Easier to Replace

If a user is on a purchase contract for a phone, paying monthly until the balance is paid off, it can be very costly to replace a phone that becomes damaged or gets stolen. Before users can get a new phone, they’ll need to pay the remaining balance for a phone that they can no longer use.

With unlocked phones, the purchase price is paid at the beginning and typically at a much more affordable cost. This is beneficial to users as there will be no remaining charges to replace the phone if it is lost or damaged.

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These are just a few of the many benefits of selling unlocked phones through Wireless Management Group. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

The Rise of Prepaid Service and What It Means for the U.S. Wireless Market


Long gone are the days when mobile phone users had to enter into binding two-year contracts in order to obtain wireless services. While many users do still choose to go this route, more and more are opting for prepaid services instead because of both greater flexibility and more affordable costs.

New Options for Users

In the early days of mobile phones, contract plans were pretty much the only option users had available to them. That is no longer the case. Many of the major players in the industry, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, now offer prepaid options. In addition, there are a growing number of other networks that offer their services strictly on a prepaid basis.

While the prepaid model has long enjoyed a strong foothold in countries like Australia and the U.K., it has only begun to catch on in the U.S. A major contributor to this growing trend is the increasing price-consciousness of many Americans, particularly Millennials. Younger buyers are more inclined than their predecessors to seek out more affordable rates for their wireless services.

Greater Flexibility in Wireless Services

In recent years, the availability and functionality of prepaid wireless carriers has grown by leaps and bounds to the point where their wireless offerings are virtually indistinguishable from those offered by the major carriers. In addition, the availability of popular phones in unlocked versions lets prepaid users choose any phone they like rather than being stuck with a limited range of options that a particular network offers.

Another key feature of prepaid wireless that users love is the ability to pay only for the services that they actually use. Rather than purchasing an expensive contract plan with an exorbitant amount of data, users can purchase smaller amounts and then purchase more when they run out. This can save them a lot of money on unused data or calls in the long run as they no longer need to pay for data that disappears at the end of the month, only to start over again the following month.

Get In Now!

It is unlikely that this trend towards prepaid services will abate any time soon, so wireless retailers need to take notice. Here at Wireless Management Group, we are at the forefront of the prepaid wireless industry and are rapidly expanding throughout the country. Now is the time to get involved with this growing opportunity, so get in touch with us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities.


WMG Unlocks the Secret to A Successful Takeover


WMG Unlocks the Secret to A Successful Takeover
Wireless Management Group unveils its secret weapon in their takeover of the mobile communications market.

***Sacramento, CA*** – October 27, 2016 – Wireless Management Group (WMG) is taking over the mobile communications industry and has no problem with giving away the secret to its success.  The mobile phone retailer plans to add an additional 300 retail stores in the U.S. with its knowledge and experience that is only ascertained through the experiences of spending over a decade in the retail cell phone and mobile communications industries.

The company’s top management revealed that it is actually only extending to U.S. consumers what has been available elsewhere in the world for years: unlocked cell phones with lower monthly service rates.  The consistency in of success in European and other markets have all proven to offer both financially stable as well as exceptionally lucrative benefits to a company with the first mover advantage.  By simply exploiting the market opportunity of “unlocked” cell phones, WMG is on track to continue its positions as a leader as well as innovator.

With the growing popularity of prepaid mobile communication services, WMG is bringing affordable wireless service to the masses. With an unlocked phone, you are finally able to keep using your favorite models and brands of phones, even if you leave one service provider for another.  WMG made the public aware of the advantages of unlocked phones, and it’s clearly the next revolutionizing move in its plan to take over the industry.

With over 30 years of combined professional experience in the prepaid wireless industry, WMG has a world-class management team.  This is another factor they have in their arsenal as the company continues on to the next level.  The top executives at WMG also cited the company’s incorporating drive, passion, professionalism, street smarts and expertise as their unique tactics they rely on every day as they keep moving towards their ultimate goal as the new industry leader. WMG also boasts aggressive, targeted marketing campaigns, exclusive POS systems and powerful development strategies, which are all playing a definite role in the mix.

WMG is an organization that operates prepaid brand subsidiaries, including Cricket, Hola Wireless, MetroPCS and Wireless Connection. Its business model has been highly profitable, leading it to its current goal of expanding by over 300 retail stores to become the number one prepaid wireless dealer in America. Aside from operating its own stores, WMG also takes over existing wireless stores that are not performing well, transforming them into profitable businesses for themselves and others.

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