Top 5 Benefits of Selling Unlocked Phones for Wireless Management Group

The prepaid wireless market is rapidly growing, and a big part of the reason behind it is the ability to sell unlocked phones. Currently, this makes up only about 10 percent of the wireless market, so there is a lot of room for continued growth. Read on for some of the top benefits of unlocked mobile phones.

Users Aren’t Locked in to a Specific Service Provider

Rather than being forced to stay with a single wireless carrier at often sky-high rates, unlocked phones give the user the opportunity to choose any provider they like. In many cases, this can allow them to pay monthly rates as they go rather than remaining stuck in a lengthy contract. They have the freedom and flexibility to switch carriers at any time.

Worldwide Coverage

Unlocked phones are great for those who like to travel. Instead of paying hefty roaming charges to a regular wireless carrier, users can simply purchase a SIM card in their destination and connect to a local network. This way, they can make calls, send texts, and use data like a local without worrying about their bill skyrocketing.

Greater Customization

When users purchase a phone from a specific wireless provider, it often comes pre-loaded with a number of apps that the user may or may not want. Oftentimes, this proprietary software can prohibit the user from downloading and using the apps that they really want. With unlocked phones, users have greater flexibility in setting up their phones in a way that works best for them.

Better Phone Selection

Many traditional carriers have agreements with specific phone manufacturers, so users need to purchase one of their phones in order to use that network. Following the unlocked route, users have more options available to them when choosing their phones. This allows users to get the phones they really want at much more affordable rates.

Easier to Replace

If a user is on a purchase contract for a phone, paying monthly until the balance is paid off, it can be very costly to replace a phone that becomes damaged or gets stolen. Before users can get a new phone, they’ll need to pay the remaining balance for a phone that they can no longer use.

With unlocked phones, the purchase price is paid at the beginning and typically at a much more affordable cost. This is beneficial to users as there will be no remaining charges to replace the phone if it is lost or damaged.

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